Maintaining the Balance between Health and Financial Security

“Prospering in today’s environment requires us to understand that with improved health the longer we live the greater the threat to our long term wealth…our examinations are finding the majority of plans are not set up to support future financial well-being.”  James R. Taylor

Our organization takes into account your current situation, your preferred future plus factors such as your personal health and projected longevity.

In 1950 the average life expectancy in Canada: men 66* ; women 71*.  Today it has increased: men 79*; women 84.*  As life expectancy rates improve, you can expect to live until you are 90 plus. If you retire at 65 you will need to have at least 25 years of financial security.

*Source: Statistics Canada

Does your financial plan account for this?

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GTA Financial Management

James R. Taylor and our team at Financial Health Management Group have developed a methodology to assist in understanding your personal situation and identifying what requirements are necessary to achieve your financial goals. We complete evaluations through services such as our  PortfolioHealth™   diagnostics lab.  Our programs measure, monitor and report on your situation identifying critical areas for our financial assessment.

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