About Us

Financial Health Management Group is a wealth management firm who provide independent advice.

We are independent business owners with over 35 years’ experience delivering financial life planning advisory services.

The Financial Health Management Group provides financial and business consulting through our FinancialHealthCare   program which follows the traditional model for health care needs and accommodates life’s dynamic processes by adapting to changing circumstances.

Our process provides key financial indicators for reviewing your history, developing a diagnostic assessment, conducting review meetings and recommending a coordinated “treatment plan” for a lifetime of financial security and well-being.

We offer objective financial life planning services, leveraging the resources found in a large firm, while delivering the hi-touch boutique advisory experience.


Our goal is to improve your life… so that when you take the “rocking chair” test you have a sense of complete fulfillment with knowledge that you have control over what you have accomplished in your lifetime.
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